Detox Cruises

Detox Cruises.

Detox cure 2016 on caique, Let’s go !
Except that there will be changes, and this time big, very big changes...
Mainly: in 2016, we will be in Greece and not in Turkey anymore, as long as Erdoðan, at the head of this country that I love with all my heart doesn’t calm himself a bit. It seems that the Northern Dodecanese Islands are beautiful, teþekkür ederim*, Mr. President. I hope that it won’t take any longer to offer ourselves the chance to discover them.

For the boat, we are too accustomed to absolute comfort to hesitate a single second, it will be the beautiful B & B, 2 masts, 45 metres, to the sumptuous 16 cabins, all white, teak and mahogany that will take over. In addition, when it releases it’s 3 big sails, it's not kidding anymore: It does 7 knots, without motor, and without a gun pointed on the head of the captain, an idea already of the happiness that awaits you...

For the prices, they are kept the same as last year, except that the wifi is full speed and fully offered.
For the cabins, we innovate: outside the conventional double bed or twin beds cabins, the B&B offers 2 cabines with 3 beds top comfort, at a very affordable price/pp, Full- Board, excluding flights and cares on board, €1700**.
Happy First conditions : for bookings confirmed before 21 January as last limit, 10% discount on your package excluding flights and cares ***.

* Thanks in Turkish
**which represents €200 saved from the pricing of 2015
***conditions valid on twin bed and double bed cabins only only

Dates :
Attention for 2016, 2 dates of departure only for the Spring and the Autumn seasons, do not miss registrations.
From Sunday to Sunday
Spring : from 15 to 22 may, 22 to 29 may
Summer – cruise Family Special (adults and children from 15 years and older): 18-24 July, 24-31 July
Autumn : from 18 to 25 September, from September 25 to October 2

A day on board :
• 7 h: wake up and lemon water
• 7 h 15: yoga (FAC. - package)
• 8:30 fresh juice and snack buffet breakfast
• 9.15: abs and gluteal muscles (FAC. - package)
• 11.00: aqua gym (FAC. - package)
• 13.00: lunch
• 14.00: kitchen point (FAC. - package)
• 16.00: boxing lessons(FAC. - off package-€10 per person and per day/1 hour)
• 18 h: detox balade
• 19 h 30: conference
• 20 h 30 dinner (wine FAC. - package)

At mid-week, fasting for 24 hours (optional)
Herbal teas and supplements are provided on board and included in the package
On Board also (off package/70€ / hour): energy massages
(shiatsu, energy massage with cupping, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, aculifting)
Water sports:
(package): kayaking and snorkeling
(extras): water skiing
Included in the package (FAC.): 20 minutes of personal consultation face to face with Martine Fallon

Package per person without flight :
€1950 including:
• Standart category cabin (twin beds or double beds).
• Base price on a half double: €1400, single supplement €650
• Energy cooking coaching: 550 or €1700 including:

• Three beds cabin, base price: €1150
• Energy cooking coaching: 550

The package includes :
• supervision on board and during excursions
• meals and accommodation for 7 nights, supplements, drinks and wine included
• recipe points and conferences, yoga and meditation workshops
• snorkeling, windsurfing and kayaking
• Pre detox coaching by e-mail 15 days before departure

The package does not include:
• Hammam-scrub on arrival (€20)
• Massages (€70 / hour)
• water skiing (Prices not released)
• Fees excursions
• Crew tips (€70)

Payment Agenda:
• No payment prior to the acceptance of your request.
• Your reservation will be confirmed after the payment of €550 on the account of SPRL La Cuisine de l’Energie ING Bruxelles agence MOLIERE IBAN BE41363019911110 BIC BBRUBEBB
• Cabine payment: payment of 1,400 or €1.150 p/p on the account IBAN BE 24 3770 6178 9138 au nom de Martine Fallon, code BIC : BBRUBEBB
• Group flights Brussels-Bodrum: €395 A/R and boat transfer.
Agency Thomas Cook: to book, contact Sarah or Maria at 02/511 92 09. Payment by credit card and possibility to do it by phone.
A visa for the Turkey is necessary as well as an identity card or passport valid six months after date of return. More info on , which is the only official website!

Terms of registration :
1. We recommend that you take a no GO EUROPE ASSISTANCE insurance that will cover you at 100% charge in case of cancellation on your part (yearly insurance to be taken no later than 30 days before departure)
2 Deposit are reimbursed only if the organisers can’t confirm the project.
3 Registration will be validated after receipt of the first payment, which will be also interpreted as acceptance of the terms of registration. The amount of this deposit is included in each documents of registration cure. Any request for incoice, either for your Thomas Cook flight or for your full pension cabin or hotel accommodation must be done at the time of the registration/regulation of the first deposit. No other application may be considered a posteriori.
4 The payment has to be done no later than 45 days before the date of departure
5 Customer cancellations stay on thei responsibility. We recommend N0 GO Europ Assistance insurance that covers 100% of the costs in the event of force majeure cancellation.
6 Concerning the flights to Turkey, any invoice request from the travel agency Thomas Cook should be done at the time of the payment.
7 For departures from Brussels, registration for the cure involves the purchase of airline tickets AR and boat transfers to the Agency Thomas Cook TS. Any confirmation of registration by the payment of a first deposit on the account of the Cuisine of energy will result in the confirmation of a flight for Groups that booked through Thomas Cook TS Agency. In case of cancellation of participation and the case where the amount of flights and boat transfers have not yet been settled, the Thomas Cook travel agency reserves the right to charge ex officio to the client the price AR flight and boat transfers. Participants coming from one country other than the Belgium are free to join the group in Brussels either to take their live flights from another starting point.
8 Any person registering must be in a State of health allowing this cure. In the case of a doubt on the arrival to the boat, the organizers reserve the right to sign a disclaimer to the curist.
9 All registration must be confirmed by an official registration on

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